Doctor Who returns on 23 August (Wired UK)

Doctor 12
Doctor 12

takes centre stage as the new Doctor

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Has six months since the Doctor 50th anniversary celebrations
been just too long? Well, Whovians, you’ll need to hold off another
two months, but Peter Capaldi’s era as the Doctor is about to

“Am I a good man?” – Doctor Who Series 8 Teaser – Doctor Who – BBCDoctor Who

The BBC has confirmed that the new season will air from Saturday
23 August, pairing the announcement with an ominous teaser
. The Doctor can be heard asking, in what sounds like
broken English, “Am I good man?” There could be a slurred “a” in
there, making enunciation another mystery to be solved if so.

Capaldi plays the 12th Doctor — not counting some
wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey shenanigans that series runner Stephen
Moffat used to run through the character’s limited number of
regenerations — and will be joined by returning companion Clara
Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman. Another new face on board the
TARDIS will be Samuel
, playing Danny Pink — Clara’s co-worker and fellow
teacher. It all sounds like a deliberate redux of the original
for Doctor Who, minus the granddaughter
character. Well, at least that we know of….

The new stretch of episodes will run uninterrupted, unlike
season seven, which was split over two years, much to Moffat — and
fans’ — chagrin. The first episode is titled ‘Deep Breath’, and is
set to be “feature length”. To be fair, a movie length episode is
the least the Beeb could do after keeping us waiting a full eight

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