Doctor Who’s Lesbian Kiss censored in Asia (Wired UK)

Lizard Kiss
Lizard Kiss

Vastra saves her wife Jenny’s life with a kiss

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Bad news for far east fans of the sci-fi series’ Victorian-era
lesbian heroes Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint — the pair’s
life-saving liplock in the season eight premiere Deep Breath  was cut from Asian broadcasts.

During the climactic battle against the millennia-old cyborgs
lead by the Half-Face Man, the Doctor’s companion Clara, Vastra,
Jenny, and Sontaran soldier Strax are forced to hold their breath
to avoid detection by the alien army. Vastra, being a Silurian, is able
to transfer oxygen to Jenny, her wife, through a kiss. However,
this is far too sapphic for the broadcast rules of Singapore, where
BBC Entertainment’s feed for Asian territories is transmitted

Bad Doctor
Bad Doctor

Doctor himself was more concerned with possibly chucking this guy
out of a hot air balloon made of human skin

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Singapore’s guidelines on the presentation of same-sex behaviour are
strict, and as a result the same cut was applied to other countries
in the region, including Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, and
Thailand. A spokesman for BBC Worldwide said that “In order to
comply with broadcast regulations in Asia where our BBC
Entertainment channel airs, BBC Worldwide made a brief edit to the
first episode of Doctor Who  series eight, but did so
without detracting from the storyline.”

The same kiss attracted a whopping six complaints from British
viewers to Ofcom, the broadcasting regularory authority for the UK,
but essentially ignored them, saying “Our rules do not discriminate
between scenes involving opposite sex and same sex couples.”

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