Does this man have the world’s biggest family tree?

A pensioner reckons he has the world’s biggest family tree after tracing more than 10,000 of his ancestors – including the Queen.

Roy Blackmore is the Queen’s 22nd cousin once removed and boasts William the Conqueror and Alfred the Great amongst his lineage.

Roy, 83, of Taunton, Somerset was born in Bath.

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Does this man have the world's biggest family tree?
Roy Blackmore believes he may have the world’s largest family tree (Picture: MARK PASSMORE/APEX)

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He was orphaned at the age of seven which he believes is the reason he is so interested in his family history.

Roy’s tree stretches back to the Cerdick family in AD 500 and includes the French Royal family and a 10th century King of France, Hugh Capet.

He and his wife Sigrid spend much of their time travelling the country to study archives and records, as most of his discoveries were carried out before the arrival of the internet.

Roy is now getting in touch with the Guinness Book of World Records to find out if he does indeed hold the world record.

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