Drive-By Killer Stabbed Three Before Gun Spree

The son of a Hollywood director “repeatedly stabbed” three men to death in his apartment before killing three more during a shooting spree, say police.

British-born Elliot Rodger, son of an assistant director on The Hunger Games film, had three semi-automatic handguns and 400 rounds of ammunition with him when he died.

The 22-year-old also left seven others in hospital as he sped around Isla Vista, a student enclave next to the University of California, Santa Barbara.

County Sheriff Bill Brown told reporters Rodger had tried to get into a college sorority house during the Friday night attack, and that women inside had heard “loud, aggressive knocking” for several minutes.

Unable to gain access, police said he then shot three young women outside the building, killing a 19-year-old and a 22-year-old student.

The sixth victim, 20-year-old student Christopher Michael-Martinez, was shot dead outside a delicatessen.

In an emotional statement, his father called on the “insanity” to stop and blamed “irresponsible politicians” for not doing more on gun control.

Rodger’s family said the 22-year-old had been receiving psychiatric care.

He had also been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and had “multiple therapists”, said Alan Shifman, the family’s lawyer.

A day before the attack, the killer posted a video on YouTube, promising to slaughter “spoilt, stuck-up, blonde” women who he said had rebuffed him.

Rodger made a chilling tirade against women and the rest of humanity, threatening a “day of retribution”.

“For the last eight years of my life, ever since I hit puberty, I’ve been forced to endure an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires all because girls have never been attracted to me,” he said.

“You throw yourselves at all these obnoxious men,” he continued, “instead of me – the supreme gentleman – I will punish all of you for it.” He chuckles sinisterly.

He also published a rambling 140-page manifesto on the internet, called My Twisted World, where he detailed his childhood.

Police said Rodger’s attacks had taken place at 10 locations as he fled from officers and fired at pedestrians from his black BMW.

He also crashed into two cyclists – one of whom caved in the windshield.

Police exchanged fire with Rodger and believe they hit him in the hip as they opened fire on his car. The rampage ended when he crashed his car after plowing into the second cyclist.

Sheriff Brown said they found him with a gun wound to the head, which they believe was self-inflicted.

Rodger’s guns were all legally purchased and registered to him.

Seven people remain in hospital at Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital with gun wounds and injuries caused by the suspect’s car, said Dr Stephen Kaminski. Two of them are in a serious condition.

Rodger’s family called police last month worried about his welfare, but officers said they found him “polite and courteous” and no action was deemed necessary.

In a blog post, he wrote he was born in the UK and moved to the United States when he was five. His father, Peter, was educated in Maidstone, Kent.

Rodger was reportedly pictured two years ago on the red carpet with his father at a premiere for The Hunger Games, a dystopian futuristic drama in which teenagers fight each other to the death.

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