Dropbox enhances document security amid UK business expansion

Dropbox steps up its business offering

Dropbox has announced several new features for its Dropbox for Business service, after revealing substantial growth in the UK.

The company will add security, collaboration and search features to its business product in a bid to improve workflow for business users.

Given the increasing concerns over data security, Dropbox for Business will now feature the ability to easily add passwords and expirations for shared links. View-only permissions will also be added to shared folders to prevent unwanted document edits and ensure that private files are not shared beyond the desired parties.

Elsewhere Dropbox has been reworking its API to help developers building upon the Dropbox platform integrate document preview and shared folder functions into their applications.

Ilya Fushman, head of product of Dropbox for Business, said that many of its users requested a streamlined way to search through the thousands of files in their Dropbox folders. To this end, Dropbox for Business will include full-text search so that users can hunt for memorable terms rather than strict file names.

The changes to Dropbox for Business have been fuelled by the company’s 80,000 paying business users, in tandem with the 300,000 apps that are built upon the Dropbox platform.

Dropbox’s head of Europe, Johann Butting, told V3 that the UK has become a key area for its business.

“The UK market is super important for us, it’s one of our biggest markets. One in every four internet users in the UK are Dropbox users, which is a great indicator of the momentum we have here,” Butting said.

“It is really that momentum which is now bringing us to the point where we think it is time to open an office here [London].”

According to Dropbox, 57 percent of UK small and medium businesses (SMBs) are using the firm’s online storage service, which is helping drive the company’s business in the country, and as such is influencing how Dropbox for Business is being developed.

Dropbox also announced Project Harmony, its venture to make sure that Dropbox forms part of a collaborative business infrastructure and speeds up a company’s workflow.

Currently in an alpha stage, Fushman revealed: “The idea behind Harmony is to make any application that stores files in a Dropbox-shared folder collaborative, so that Dropbox can slot into your workflow.”

Butting went on to note that Dropbox has one billion files saved to it every day from over 300 million users. This translates into 200 percent growth in the past 18 months.

When asked how Dropbox supports this massive growth, Fushman explained to V3 that the company uses Amazon Web Services to rapidly scale its back-end infrastructure to cope with an increasing user base.

However, despite the level of success Dropbox is currently enjoying, cloud storage remains a highly competitive sector of the IT industry. Google continues to make waves in the market and recently unveiled Drive for Work, a version of its Drive service that offers unlimited cloud storage for enterprise users.

Box also recently announced a series of major overhauls to its service, including unlimited storage for all business customers and integration with Microsoft tools.

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23 July 2014 | 3:39 pm – Source: v3.co.uk

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