Dropbox Pro facelift packs enhanced security features

Dropbox Pro features extra security measures

Dropbox has refreshed its Dropbox Pro offering, giving professional individuals such as photographers and musicians, access to enhanced security and sharing features.

The storage company has added some of the features it recently introduced into its Dropbox for Business service, including the ability to add passwords and expiration dates to shared links.

One of the core features of the facelifted Dropbox Pro is the ability to remote-wipe machines connected to a user’s Dropbox account. This helps prevent private information from falling into the wrong hands if a device linked to a user’s Pro account, such as a laptop, gets stolen.

ChenLi Wang, head of product at Dropbox, told V3 that the feature was in demand from users. “Unfortunately we get quite a few reports from people who lose their devices or get their devices stolen and have a need for services which can wipe their data remotely.”

This new feature adds an extra layer of security to build upon Dropbox Pro’s ability to unlink various devices connected to a single account.

However, a device can only be wiped if it establishes an internet connection, meaning a stolen laptop with downloaded Dropbox files can retain them providing it does not go online.

As such, the remote-wipe function enhances Dropbox Pro’s security but is not yet an entirely foolproof solution for mobile working.

Dropbox Pro also adds view-only permissions to shared folders, giving users the ability to establish how information within a shared folder is accessed.

With the standard Dropbox aimed at a consumer audience and Dropbox for Business targeted at corporate use, Dropbox Pro sits in what could be an odd middle ground between the two services.

ChenLi explained to V3 the newly enhanced Pro is specifically aimed at professional individuals citing artists, freelance architects and writers as examples of customers who need both a secure storage service and a platform that allows files to be easily shared with their clients.

Dropbox’s service developments are not surprising, as it is likely that Dropbox is making use of the $250m of investments in secured in a round of funding back in January.

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27 August 2014 | 1:39 pm – Source: v3.co.uk

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