Drug underwear overdose: Corey McQueary died after ingesting underwear soaked in liquid methadone

Inmate dies after drug overdose using smuggled boxer shorts
Corey McQueary (left) is believed to have ingested a piece of Michael Jones’s boxers (Picture: FOX 23)

A prisoner has died of a drug overdose after ingesting a pair of boxers soaked in liquid methadone.

Corey McQueary was found unconscious in a cell after he ingested a piece of Michael Jones’ drugged underwear. The pants were smuggled into the jail after Jones had been given compassionate leave to attend a funeral.

It is believed Jones, who is now facing murder charges, wore the underwear to dupe security guards upon his return – and then ripped up the garment and shared it with his cellmates.

McQueary was being held on a drug-related charge at the Jessamine County Detention Center in Kentucky. A few hours after consuming the underwear, the 33-year-old complained to prison doctors, but failed to tell them what had happened.

Liquid methadone is often used as a substitute for heroin when addicts are being rehabilitated
Liquid methadone is often used as a substitute for heroin when addicts are being rehabilitated (Picture: File)

Jones, 55, has since been accused of ‘showing a manifest indifference for human life’. Methadone is a synthetic drug often used to help wean addicts off heroin.

County jailer Jon Sallee said: ‘Contraband is a constant problem in any facility across the state. You can do everything – strip searches, not allow them to bring in books or any paraphernalia into the facility… but something like this is almost impossible to catch.’

An official cause of death for McQueary is yet to be confirmed, and toxicology tests are currently underway.

Jones has also been charged with promoting contraband and possessing a controlled substance.

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31 August 2014 | 11:08 am – Source: metro.co.uk

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