Ed Miliband has clearly been working on his Blue Steel, Ferrari and Le Tigre looks. But Magnum wasn’t ready, he should have tamed that beast before letting it out of its cage and unleashing it on the British public.

A strangely hypnotic Vine clip of the Labour leader “looking natural” and working it for the cameras has gone viral.

“Ok Ed.. Look natural,” a voice can be heard saying off-camera, “natural Ed,” the voice pleads again as Ed grimaces at the camera.

The “most painful two seconds you will see today” has even been given a number of catchy soundtracks, including Careless Whisper. Dreamy.


The painful footage follows the news that Miliband’s new election strategist is implementing an image overhaul for the Labour leader.

We can’t imagine why…


David Axelrod has got his work cut out – a recent poll suggested 40% of voters think Miliband is either “weird” or “very weird”.

We here at HuffPost UK thought we would help him out with some potential makeovers…

  • The Borat

    More revealing than Edward Snowden’s laptop, the only remedy for this monstrosity is bleach applied directly to the eye.

  • The Churchill

    The bow tie might not suit but a diet of cigars and booze would certainly lend weight to his everyman credentials.

  • The Don Draper

    Mrs Miliband would not be happy…

  • The Jay Z

    This is Ed Milibands’s version of the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ as suggested by one of our Facebook readers. “In North London, born and raised,
    Reviewing films is how I spent most of my days,

    Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’, all cool, reading further maths each day after school,

    Went to Oxford, that’s when things got rad, got into socialism, just like my dad,

    Protested rent hikes against my den, worked as a journo, fighting with my pen, within a few years I was working for Tony Benn, never learnt as much as I did then.

    Brown promoted me, no one knows what for, but I soon sat on my throne as the Price of Labour.”

    Or something similar…

  • The Miranda Kerr

    Bet you didn’t think it possible we could ruin Miranda Kerr for you? Well, we just did.

  • The Batband

    Strange how Miliband looks more like a morose squirrel when dressed in black

  • The Pharrell

  • The Gosling

    Ok, he actually looks quite good here

  • The Beckham


  • The Obama

    This is essentially just Miliband in a suit with someone else’s wife and proves it’s going to take more than a change in suits to make him look good.

  • Joey Essex

  • Lily Allen

  • Helen Flanagan