Elephant Herd Watches As Keepers Rescue Drowning Calf

One muddy misstep and the baby elephant slipped into a pool of water. Unable to get out on its own – and the herd unable to help as the bank was too slippery – elephant keepers at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust came to the rescue. 

The rescue took place in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. Facebook/The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Although the elephants displayed aggressive behavior by making it clear they were prepared to charge, once a backup vehicle was able to cordon off the area, the keepers were quickly able to pull the baby up the bank via straps.

Facebook/The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Once safe, the calf rushed back to the comfort of her herd.

A happy ending. Facebook/The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Top image credit: Facebook/The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

[H/T: The Dodo]

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16 August 2015 | 5:09 pm – Source: iflscience.com


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