Endeavor into the World of Body Wraps This Season

The spas have opened a new gateway by introducing slimming body wraps. You can now relax and lose some extra pounds and pamper yourself at the same time. However, remember that you will have to be realistic in the approach, as it is not possible to lose a lot of weight just by visiting the spa.

What is a body wrap?

Your body will be treated with a combination of chocolate and herbs. Yes, you read it right, from chocolate facials to chocolate body wrap, all kinds of treatment is provided at StromSpa massage.

Your body will be wrapped in what would seem like an oversize diaper, and you need to lie still for around 60 minutes. There is a combination of herbs in the wrap, which helps in releasing the toxins from the body and at the same time stimulates the metabolism of your body.

Body Wraps

This slimming wrap is completely different from other kinds of wraps, which only concentrate on water loss, but this cocoa and herbs wrap mainly concentrates on removing the entire toxins from your body.

Measurements are taken before you are wrapped and after the wrap is removed. You will be surprised at the result. Customers have claimed to lose around 2-inches from the waist and 1-inch from the area around the thighs.

The process involved in the body wrap

At first, your whole body is exfoliated with scrub. More concentration is provided to the area you are concerned about. After this process is over, you are wrapped in what seems like an oversize diaper, but actually, it is more like a medical bandage, which has been soaked in cocoa and herbs.

StromSpa massage

This bandage is wrapped all around your body starting from your thigh, all the way up to your stomach. The bandage is wrapped, carefully so that it is secure in one place.

Once the bandage is secure around your body, you are made to lie down and covered with a plastic, and then with blanket. This is done to create heat, and to seal the herbs in one place.

The entire process will take about 75 minutes, which includes exfoliating and cleaning the body as well.

Certain things to keep in mind before the session begins

There are certain things that you should keep in mind before going for body wrap and they are:

Home beauty wraps

  • Make sure that you eat light. Have a bowl of salad, instead of heavy food such as burger and fries. The reason is that you will have to lie for almost an hour, and having a heavy meal will make you feel uneasy.
  • Make sure that you have visited the washroom, before being wrapped.

Every woman should try this wrap. It is not a weight losing mechanism. However, it will help you to get into that beautiful dress that you have kept aside for a long time. It will also help in boosting your confidence, as you have shed those few inches.

Author’s Bio: Vance is an experienced beauty therapist, and through his well researched post, he discusses the advantages of spa treatments. Try out StromSpa massage, by booking an appointment online at the earliest.

22 May 2014 | 7:37 am – Source: health-news.co.uk

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