Enormous barrel jellyfish spotted in Helford River in Cornwall

Enormous jellyfish spotted in English river

The 4-foot barrel jellyfish was apparently seen casually bobbing along the river more than half a mile inland (Picture: SWNS)

If something seems off with this picture it’s because ocean-dwelling barrel jellyfish are not normally found in English rivers.

But an enormous one has apparently been sighted floating down in the Helford River in Cornwall.

The creature, which is usually associated with parts of the North Atlantic and more tropical regions like the Mediterranean, was allegedly spotted casually making his way along the river.

Measuring around 4ft from head to tentacle, the barrel jellyfish is harmless to humans, but the dustbin-lid shaped species is still an imposing and surprising presence.

BNPS.co.uk (01202 558833) Pic: SteveTrewhella/BNPS ****Must use full byline**** Steve Trewhella with one of the jellyfish washed up in Portland, Dorset. New sightings of giant jellyfish have come after conservationists warned that there could be an influx of them. As many as 10 of the barrel jellyfish have travelled from the Atlantic and Meditteranean seas and washed up on Dorset shores. Steve Trewhella, a wildlife photographer, stumbled upon one of the enormous animals on the sand in Portland, Dorset. He believes the creatures, that measure up to 3.2ft in diameter, have been washed up because of the strong winds and tide. Experts believe that we could see more of the large animals over the next few months because of the predicted warm weather.
One of the giant jellyfish that washed up in Dorset this month (Picture: SteveTrewhella/BNPS)

‘It looked at first like a giant blancmange sitting on the water. I took a closer look and realised it was one of those rare jellyfishes that are making the news,’ rambler David Smith, 45, told Western Morning News.

Several of these massive marine creatures have been found washed up on beaches in recent weeks due to the increasingly warm weather, but seeing them so far inland is rare.

Experts say that we can expert more of this breed to arrive at our coasts as the summer approaches.

‘This type of jellyfish is a regular visitor to the UK, although we’ve had reports of some very big ones this year,’ said Richard Harrington of the Marine Conservation Society.

GV of the area near Porth Saxon in Devon where a barrel jellyfish was spotted swimming in the river. See SWNS story SWJELLY; A huge barrel jellyfish was spotted in the Helford River yesterday - but swimmers do not need to worry - the giant creatures are harmless to humans. Although it is unusual to see one so close to the shore, local wildlife cruise operators have already reported hundreds of the creatures, which can grow up to three feet in length. A number were washed up on Maenporth Beach last week, with experts saying they have been surprised by the large numbers already seen off the Cornish coast. Yesterday's was spotted by a walker just yards off the beach at Porth Saxon near the Bosloe hay meadows.
Jellyfish are not normally associated with English rivers (Picture: SWNS)

16 May 2014 | 3:14 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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