EnterpriseDB talks up shift to open source databases as it unveils Postgres Advanced Server 9.5

Database firm EnterpriseDB has delivered the latest version of Postgres Advanced Server, the firm’s commercially supported distribution based on the open source PostgreSQL code, claiming that it is increasingly finding favour among Fortune 500 firms for its scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Available now, Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 is based on PostgreSQL 9.5, which was released by its developer community earlier this month. EnterpriseDB provides this to organisations under a Postgres Enterprise subscription along with the Postgres Enterprise Manager tool and other value-add enhancements.

Like the community release, Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 features enhancements to increase performance and scalability when operating business-critical workloads, including a claimed 96 percent performance boost when handling 64 concurrent connections, compared with the previous release of the platform.

Ed Boyajian of EnterpriseDBSuch impressive gains are based on feedback from the growing number of large enterprise customers such as ABN Amro using the platform for mission-critical workloads, according to EnterpriseDB chief executive Ed Boyajian (pictured).

“We’re adding more features on a year-over-year basis faster than we have at any time in the past, and I think that’s a result of many things coming together at once, but most notably enterprise adoption of Postgres. As we acquire more enterprise customers, we’ve become the converge point for the next set of capabilities and features, and that’s coming from the biggest companies in the world,” Boyajian told V3.

A number of factors are now driving the adoption of open source database management systems among the largest organisations, according to Boyajian, including the fact that customers may need to scale up to a level that would be cost prohibitive with traditional database products.

“One long-standing issue is that the underlying economics in the database market haven’t been favourable to buyers. Oracle charges extraordinarily high prices and effectively locks customers in. Simultaneously, enterprises are trying to transform towards a true digital business, and that is concurrent with using big data to deliver business decisions,” he said.

A similar story can be heard from other developers of enterprise-grade open source database management systems, such as MariaDB.

Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 includes new features to address big data challenges, such as the Block Range Index type and enhancements to the Foreign Data Wrappers capability to enable it to integrate with other data sources, including Hadoop and MongoDB, to create a federated data model.

Along with the database, EnterpriseDB has released Postgres Enterprise Manager 6.0, which provides administrators with tools to deploy, monitor and manage Postgres Advanced Server infrastructures.

This now integrates with the Nagios IT infrastructure monitoring platform, as well as EnterpriseDB’s Failover Manager that provides fault-tolerant database clustering support for high availability.

Boyajian said that EnterpriseDB has also enhanced its data migration tools, including its compatibility technology with Oracle databases and the migration toolkit that lets customers migrate tables and schemas from one database to another.

Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 is available as a free download for a 60-day evaluation period.

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27 January 2016 | 10:36 am – Source: v3.co.uk


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