EnterpriseDB targets NoSQL applications with PostgreSQL developer kit on AWS

The new service will be available from 10 September

Database firm EnterpriseDB has announced a free developer environment running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, optimised to enable customers to make use of the NoSQL capabilities in PostgreSQL to build web 2.0 applications.

Available from 10 September, the Postgres Extended Datatype Developer Kit (PGXDK) makes it easier for developers of any skill level to use the open-source PostgreSQL database for the kind of workloads that previously required a specialised NoSQL platform, according to the firm.

The developer kit is supplied in the form of an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) virtual appliance containing the core components that developers need to get started already pre-integrated and pre-configured, along with a sample application and code examples.

These core components include a beta of the PostgreSQL 9.4 database, a web server and implementations of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Python. EnterpriseDB said it also plans to release a version with PL/V8 providing an integrated JavaScript language later in the year.

Marc Linster, EnterpriseDB senior vice president for Products and Services, said that this AWS-based environment will allow developers to get up and running more quickly and have a powerful foundation to build applications on.

“Postgres with NoSQL support has become a superior choice for enterprise applications because it can combine schema-less data with relational tables bridging structured and unstructured data,” he said.

EnterpriseDB has been expanding the ability for the PostgreSQL database to run queries and get data from external sources through the use of so-called foreign data wrappers. The latest, released last month, added enhanced MongoDB support, while a further one for Hadoop is planned in the near future.

With the ability to work with both structured and unstructured data, developers can build demanding applications using standard business logic, which can also evolve with agile development objectives, the firm said.

The PGXDK will be unveiled by EnterpriseDB during a webinar on 10 September, entitled NoSQL Applications for the Enterprise – Doing More with Postgres.

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20 August 2014 | 6:30 am – Source: v3.co.uk

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