EU to buy 100,000 PCs for 50 offices across Europe

The European Commission has apparently greenlit a 100,000 PC purchase order

The European Commission (EC) is setting out its requirements for a fleet of 100,000 PCs that will be rolled out across its international offices.

The number of machines was revealed by PC benchmarking firm Futuremark, which said it has been selected to help set a standard for procurement. The firm said the EC’s Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT) has selected its PCMark as the standard.

“We are proud to announce that our PCMark benchmarking software has been chosen by DIGIT to specify the minimum required performance for over 100,000 PCs to be supplied to more than 50 European Union organisations,” it said.

“PCMark has also been incorporated into the tendering, procurement and purchasing departments of the governments of France, Northern Ireland and Brazil.”

When contacted for more information DIGIT pointed V3 in the direction of a tender page dated to March that lists some more information on the project, although the number of PCs being sought is not listed

“The acquisition of desktop personal computers, thin client computers, displays, associated equipment (including computer accessories) and associated services,” reads the tender.

It does reveal some of the organisations which will receive the machines, though, with the European Parliament, Court of Justice, Council of the European Union and the European Medicines Agency, based in London, down to receive new kit.

Futuremark was able to provide more information on the types of hardware being sought, though, revealing there are two categories of machines it has been selected to test.

“DIGIT used PCMark benchmark scores to define minimum performance requirements for the supply of an estimated 87,100 reference PC configurations and 15,900 specific-purpose PCs,” it said.

Such a large order flies in the face of most market trends that show PC sales waning as buyers look to other hardware such as tablets, although the end of XP has helped ease this slump.

Futuremark created the PCMark in collaboration with technology firms including HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and AMD. It said that the benchworking software has a strict code of ‘neutrality’.

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