European election 2014: Voters urged not to take polling booth selfies

Voters asked not to take polling booth selfies
Voters are being urged to not take selfies when they go to the polls tomorrow (Picture: PA/Rui Vieira)

I’m about to vote. But first, let me take a selfie.

In the past few months selfies have become as much a part of the political process as a candidate’s grocery budget and mini-carnivals.

But unlike politically safe selfie environments such as Nando’s or state funerals, the powers that be are trying to make polling booths a no-go zone for the ubiquitous snaps.

David Cameron, selfie
PM David Cameron poses for a selfie (Picture: PA)

With local and European elections set to take place in the UK and Northern Ireland tomorrow, the Electoral Commission fears the craze for phone-based self portraits will threaten the secrecy of the ballot.

Speaking to BBC News, John Turner, chief executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators, said that a person would risk prosecution if they took a picture of their ballot then ‘rushed outside and put it on Facebook.’

David Cameron selfie: PM poses with group of girls for picture
David Cameron has displayed a knack for selfies (Picture: Megan McRobert)

However, taking a selfie and not showing it to anyone until after polling had closed would be legally acceptable.

Despite this, polling stations are being urged to put up ‘no photography’ signs, and ask anyone caught taking a photo to delete it.

Despite the Commission’s request, #PollingBoothSelfie may very well be trending come tomorrow.

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