European elections 2014: BNP leader Nick Griffin faces Twitter dilemma after losing seat

Nick Griffin had to embarrassingly ask his Twitter followers how to remove MEP from his handle after being ousted from his seat in the European parliament.

The British National Party leader failed to get enough votes in the North West after winning there four years ago, when he was one of two BNP MEPs elected.

Now the party no longer has any representatives in Europe – but it seems Griffin has more pressing concerns.

After learning of his defeat, he asked: ‘If anyone can tell me how to change my twitter title without losing the account I’d be obliged! 😉 #we’renotgoingawayyouknow.’

Nick Griffin claims credit for rise of Ukip after BNP defeat
Leader of the BNP Nick Griffin after losing his seat (Picture: PA)

Unsurprisingly he didn’t get many helpful replies, with most people unable to suppress their glee.

Matthew Lumby sarcastically tweeted: ‘What sad news that @nickgriffinmep will have to lose three letters from his Twitter name.’

UKIP leader Nigel Farage, MEP
Ukip leader Nigel Farage after being re-elected as an MEP (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

Mr Griffin has yet to sort out his Twitter handle but did vow to continue campaigning in the North West by setting up food banks specifically for ‘our people’.

‘Our food banks are there for our own people,’ he said.

‘Do you know how many charities there are for the English in Britain? Just one.’

He also claimed the success of Ukip was down to his own party for ‘breaking the taboo’ .

Nigel Farage’s party was the big winner on the night after capturing 23 seats, ahead of the Conservatives and Labour, which had 18 seats each.

The Liberal Democrats managed to hold on to just one seat, putting the party in fifth place behind the Green party, which had three seats.

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