Explore A Museum Of Waste In Leadenhall Market

An old, abandoned HMV store in Leadenhall Market has found a new lease of life. The Waste Agency is an exhibition that examines our culture of consumerism and all the waste it produces.

The pieces are many and varied. In one corner, you’ll find a heap of old Atari consoles, some of them playable. The window display includes a oversized coin, somehow fashioned from household dust. The ‘My Pod’ is a wooden frame on wheels, decorated with seemingly random objects. On closer inspection, they turn out to be real-world equivalents of common iPhone apps: an atlas, a torch, an angry bird.

The centrepiece is an orrery of stripy balls. These colourful spheres are built from hundreds of pairs of discarded tights. Closely wound, the diaphanous leggings accrete into something sturdy enough to bruise a hippo. They’re accompanied by a dress made from rubbish. With warp and weft spun from carrier bags, and shiny ring-pull epaulettes accentuating the shoulders, this is a garment that will never decompose.

The Waste Agency will be hanging around until at least 21 December. Just walk in any time, seven days a week, and speak to the friendly curators. A series of talks and performances are also lined up, including Ground Control author Anna Minton (11 December) and Rob Imrie and Loretta Lees on sustainable London (15 December).

The Waste Agency, a project by Platform 7, is at 1 Whittington Avenue, on the north side of Leadenhall Market. Entrance is free. 

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8 December 2014 | 4:00 pm – Source: londonist.com


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