Facebook declares ‘Friends Day’, the internet hates it (Wired UK)

If you were thinking that today was just like any other day — grey skies, sense of pervading dread, terrible commute — you’d be wrong. For in a combination of sentimentality (“the power of friendship”) and detached, corporate blandness (“we invite the world to reflect on the importance of connecting”), Facebook has declared today ‘Friends Day’.

‘Friends Day’ marks Facebook’s 12th birthday, and, to celebrate, the company has provided users with a short video that, according to the company’s press release, is intended to “stitch together special moments”. It can be watched via the Newsfeed, or by clicking ‘Watch Yours’ underneath a shared Friends Day video.

The video shows images of Facebook friends over some jaunty music — or, in this reporter’s case, three pictures of cats and one of an ex. 


One user tweeted that “it was so nice to look back on forgotten memories” — but not everyone was so enthusiastic about the feature.

“Fuck Facebook and fuck ‘happy friend day’.” was one of the more irate responses. “I don’t even like looking at my own friends, Facebook, let alone other people’s.” wrote another

Facebook has also released some new statistics to coincide with Friends Day. According to the social network the average user is just 3.75 connections away from anyone else on the site.

You can find out your own degrees of separation number on Facebook’s blog.

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4 February 2016 | 12:08 pm – Source: wired.co.uk


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