Facebook isn’t a big fan of naked ladies

Facebook thought this image was 'inappropriate'
This is the image which attracted the furore of Facebok (Picture: Rebecca Harris/Eden Project/ Wellcome Trust)

An artist discovered that Facebook isn’t a fan of naked ladies, after they rejected an image of her latest work.

Rebecca Harris found herself in hot water after she uploaded a snap of ‘Symbiosis’, an embroidered textile wall that she had created for a new exhibition set to open at the Eden project in May.

But Facebook soon pulled the image, after it was deemed ‘overly sexual’.

In an attempt to ‘desexualise’ the image (which wasn’t even inappropriate in the first place), she came up with this edit.

There's nothing remotely inappropriate about this, IT'S SCIENCE! (Picture: Rebecca Harris/Eden Project/Wellcome Trust)
There’s nothing remotely inappropriate about this, IT’S SCIENCE! (Picture: Rebecca Harris/Eden Project/Wellcome Trust)

However, Facebook STILL wasn’t satisfied, and told her: ‘Thank you for the new image. Unfortunately, even having the “censored” black bar over the top implies nudity to the user.

‘In the spirit of the policy we do not allow this either. I would suggest using a different type of image to run with your ad campaign. I apologise for the confusion’.

Speaking to the Independent, Rebecca said that Facebook’s apparent dislike of flesh was ‘oppressive’.

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She said: ‘It feels like I’m in a Kafkaesque circus and Facebook have the last oppressive say in what is shown in the Big Tent’.



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3 March 2015 | 8:33 pm – Source: metro.co.uk


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