Facebook removes photos of two teenage girls, Jessica Versey and Tiffany Williams who have been suffering from cancer for displays of nudity

Brave cancer girls have photos removed from Facebook for 'showing nudity'
A Facebook photo of Tiffany Williams (Picture: Mercury Press)

Photos of two teenage girls suffering from cancer have been removed from Facebook.

Jessica Versey and Tiffany Williams, both 19, who became close friends after meeting following their cancer diagnoses, had images of themselves taken down by the social media giant because they ‘contained nudity’.

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The two brave girls experienced the shock after Tiffany showing her bald heads in a photo and Jessica uploaded an image showing the Hickman line into her chest.

Jessica said: ‘I was disgusted, angry and upset when my photos were reported.

‘Why anyone could go out of their way to sit and report my photos to try and get them removed when there are naked images constantly uploaded and shared so thousands of people can see them.

‘But I can’t share an innocent picture of my journey through cancer – I find it sickening.’

PIC BY MERCURY PRESS - (PICTURED: THE PICTURE OF JESSICA SHOWING HER HICHMAN LINE IN HER CHEST WAS REPORTED TO FACEBOOK FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT) Two teenagers who were given the all-clear from cancer had their photos reported on Facebook as OFFENSIVE. The photos posted by Tiffany Williams and Jessica Versey, both from Chester, showed the brave girls with bald heads and having treatment, including the removal of a Hickman line. The girls, who are both 19, became close friends as they both battled the disease and went into remission around the same time. But Jessie and Tiffany have spoken out after their photos were reported to Facebook as offensive and then removed from the social media site...SEE MERCURY COPY
Photo of Jessica Versey’s chest before her Hickman line is removed. (Picture: Mercury Press)

She added: ‘I was mostly upset as I have no confidence whatsoever so for me to post a picture of me with no hair or to show my scars was a massive thing.

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‘Cancer strips you of your looks and identity but I embraced my bald head and battle scars.

‘I posted my journey through cancer on Facebook from day one as I wanted people to be aware of how brutal it can be, and I wanted everyone to be aware of leukaemia and donors.’

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Jessica was given the all clear from Leukaemia three months ago after she received a life-saving bone marrow transplant from her younger sister Maisy, 10, in October 2014.

Tiffany also received great news earlier this month when she got the all clear from Hodgkin Lymphoma.

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23 April 2015 | 9:16 pm – Source: metro.co.uk


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