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This couple is bringing their two young children on a 6000 mile electric bike tour this fall, promoting sustainable transportation and a healthier lifestyle, and filming a full-length documentary about their experiences along the way.

Bicycles are one of the greenest forms of transportation we have, and while riding bikes for fun and transport is already popular, the limitations on speed and potential riding range can keep people from cycling for more of their trips, electric bicycles have the potential to change that. To help promote the use of e-bikes to a wider audience, a family of four is planning to attempt to break the World Record for the longest bicycle journey, and to show that it’s not just for singles and adults, they’re bringing their two young children along for the ride.

The Camper Clan, a family of four (Tomas, Dylan, Eva, and Coco) that recently completed a year-long 25,000 mile trip from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Missoula, Montana, in a small pickup with a camper, is now setting their sights on a decidedly more pedestrian journey, this time using electric bikes instead of a gas-powered vehicle. The aim of their new project is to film their trip and turn it into a documentary to raise awareness of the viability of using electric bikes as an alternative to petroleum-fueled vehicles.

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The route that the Camper Clan has chosen will take them from Montana to Maine, then south to Florida, covering 6000 miles, which is quite a bit longer than the current electric bike World Record (set in 2012 by Danny Halmo’s trip of 4000 miles across Canada). The family plans to leave in mid-August and cover the entire distance in about 6 months. To help them document their journey, which is mostly self-funded, Tomas and Dylan are in need of some new equipment (new cameras, tripods, microphone, laptop, external storage, and video editing software), and they’ve turned to crowdfunding to raise the money.

In addition to showcasing the potential of electric bikes through their journey and documentary, the family also hopes to inspire more of us to take on big adventures and set big goals in our lives, even (or perhaps especially) if we’ve got small children:

“We are going to document our family adventure every step of the way – from the moments of glory, to the daily struggles of raising kids on the go, to the inevitable behind-the-scenes family drama and the challenges we face to achieve our ultimate goal. We promise to deliver to our supporters a film that will inspire you not just because we will achieve something great against the odds – it will inspire you because we’ll show you another way of living. We’ll show you that ANYTHING is possible.”

The family plans on using two electric bikes for the journey, both of which are used bikes that they are converting to electric assist. Tomas and one of the kids will be riding one of the e-bikes while Dylan drives the support vehicle, and the other bike is for Dylan to ride when they can find people to drive their support vehicle for them.

If you’d like to support this epic electric bike journey and documentary, the Kickstarter campaign page has more information on how you can do so, or you can simply follow along through their blog, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

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