Farage and Brand wake up in each other’s bodies

Always wondered what he would look like with a proper haircut

Always wondered how he would look with a proper haircut

Farage was surprised to wake up in a rotating, circular bed surrounded by dozing beauties while Brand regained consciousness in a wing-backed leather armchair opposite an oil painting of Lord Mountbatten.

The switch has been suggested as karma, a cosmic joke or simply the reflex action of two minds frantically trying to escape the emptiness of their own lives.

An observer said: “Farage and Brand both began the day ransacking their residences for the malt whisky and blowjob they respectively needed to get them going.

“But soon they saw the advantages. Farage recorded a YouTube video exhorting his followers to vote UKIP to ‘bedazzle and discombobulate the establishment’, ruined only when he kept consulting a thesaurus.

“And Russell Brand spent all morning wearing a blazer in front of a mirror, forbidden xenophobia dripping deliciously from his lips.

“By the end, Russell found out that even his most unhinged imaginings paled by comparison to the average UKIP candidate.

“And Nigel’s insecurities melted away when he realised he was only afraid of Europe because he wanted to have sex with it.”

The incident follows a bodyswap between David Cameron and Ed Miliband earlier in the year, which neither man noticed.

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12 December 2014 | 9:39 am – Source: thedailymash.co.uk


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