FIFA World Cup 2014 Scandal

images Perhaps this explains why the player Thiago Silva has declared the following sentence: ‘”If people knew what happened in the World Cup in 2014, would be disgusted”. All anti-Nazis were shocked and saddened by watching how Brazil lost the World Cup. They should not. What is set out below is the news firsthand being investigated by radio and newspapers throughout Brazil and the world, specifically Wall Street Journal  and  VEJA ( a Brazilian magazine). All the content will be available soon the proof is harvested and confiring the facts. Proven fact: Brazil sold the world cup to FIFA. The Brazilian players were warned, at 08:00 on 4 July (day of quarterfinals match), in a meeting involving Mr. Jose Maria Marin (the only time the president of the CBF attended meeting with the presence of the Brazilian team), the coach Luis Felipe Scolari, Mr. Carlos Alberto Parreira, squad supervisor, and Mr. Ronald Rhovald, representative of Nike sponsor of the team. The reserve team players remained in isolation in their rooms or in the hotel lobby. At first very upset, players refused to change the hexa world championship for money. The acceptance came through full payment of premiums, U.S. $ 70,000.00 for each player, plus a bonus of U.S. $ 400,000.00 for all players and committee members, totaling $ 23,000,000.00 twenty-three million of dollars) by Nike company. In addition, players who accept the contract with Nike in the next 4 years will have the same basis of awards elite players of the company as Neymar, Rooney, England, Batistuta, Sneijder, Holland and Dempsey, the USA. Still, Neymar refused to play, which forced coach Scolari to place the player Bernard, saying Neymar had simple back problems (first news released at 15:30 in the press center) and soon after, the 16:15, altering the prognosis for broken vertebrae). Their situation was only resolved after the representative of Nike threaten to withdraw sponsorship of his lifelong player, valued at over U.S. $ 90,000,000.00 (ninety million) throughout his career. Thus, it was combined that Brazil was defeated during a penalty shootout, but the apathy that befell the starting players made ​​Germany, which absolutely did not participate in this negotiation, would mark in five simple failures of the Brazilian team, the first goals. Mr. Joseph Blatter, FIFA president Franco-Swiss citizen, applauded the collaboration of the Brazilian team since the World Cup has brought balance to Germany in a crisis ever recorded in that country, with growing xenophobia and the resurgence of Nazism. Also assured Mr. Ricardo Teixeira, through his uncle, Joao Havelange, that Brazil would have eased their way to a sixth championship in 2018. Pass this message to as many people as possible, so that all may know the dirt that surrounds the football!


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