Firefox Beta for Android boosts customisation, offers more API add-ons

Mozilla adds more customisation to Firefox for Android

Mozilla has released a new beta of its Firefox for Android mobile browser, adding further customisation options and enabling developers to create a new class of add-ons.

Available to download now, the latest Firefox Beta for Android adds a number of new features and capabilities, mostly aimed at giving the user more options to customise the look and feel of the mobile browser.

For example, Mozilla said users can now adapt their home screen pages to display the web content they want from a variety of websites, feeds and services. Users can also now experience feeds from Instagram, Pocket, Vimeo and Wikipedia with this release.

Firefox Instagram imageA screenshot showing what the Instagram home screen page looks like on Firefox Beta for Android can be seen on the Mozilla blog. It is also shown on the left.

The browser also has a new set of application-programming interfaces (APIs) designed to offer developers tools to build a whole new class of add-ons for the Firefox Beta for Android. In essence, these allow a developer to create a home screen page from which to entice users to interact with their add-ons, Mozilla said.

Another new feature is the ability to switch languages without restarting the browser. Added in response to user demand, according to Mozilla, this now offers access to 54 language options, which the user can switch between regardless of the locales supported by their Android device.

As is usual, Mozilla requests that users trying out the beta share feedback and file reports on any bugs they may find.

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