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3D printing out of concrete was first shown last year, as China’s WinSun started squirting out concrete walls and beams and proposed an office structure in Dubai. Now Lewis Yakich, an engineer who built houses in the States and now owns a hotel in the Philippines, has 3D printed a 1500 square foot suite for his hotel, with two bedrooms, a living room and a spa with a big 3D printed Jacuzzi tub.

House with tub© Lewis Yakich via 3Dprint

There is a degree of complexity here that we have not seen from this kind of printer; note the twisted columns. Yakich worked with Andrey Rudenko, who last year built a 3D printed castle and designed the printer. He tells 3DPrinter:

The assembly time for the first printer was 2 months, but this can be replicated now within a couple weeks as the assembly process has been worked out,” Rudenko explains. “It took approximately 1 month to develop and test the right mix, using local materials. We have sand with volcanic ash here in the Philippines, which is difficult to extrude, but a reliable process was developed and we obtained great results with pretty strong walls and good bonding between layers.

Plumbing installed© Lewis Yakich via 3Dprint

At this point the plumbing and wiring is done conventionally but that will change:

We had to stop several times to install plumbing, wiring, and rebars,” Rudenko tells us. “In the future this can all be done while printing, but for now we took it slow as we were developing a process and doing testing as we went along.

Coming up next: 2,000 affordable houses that Yakich claims will cost 60% less to build.

These are costs that could go a long way in providing affordable low income housing to the masses. With the ability to print these homes so quickly, at such low costs, there is no doubt that Yakich’s 3D printed homes will become very popular, very quickly, in the Philippines and potentially other developing countries.

Watch the amazing video; In North America and Europe there has been a lot of talk about 3D printed buildings, but in Asia it’s really happening right now and leaving everyone else in their dust. Lots more photos at and on Andrey Rudenko’s website.

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