First, we had #ThatDress… now, prepare for ‘Duang’

First, we had #ThatDress... now, prepare for 'Duang'
Duang duang duang duang (Picture: Duang)

What on Earth does ‘Duang’ mean?

That’s the question a lot of people are asking – including Chinese people.

‘Duang’ doesn’t actually mean anything, but it is everywhere online, having shared milllions of times on Weibo (a Chinese social network similar to Twitter) before invading Twitter itself.

‘Duang’ seems to be the Chinese equivalent of #ThatDress: a pretty-much meaningless meme which has suddenly ‘broken the internet’, just as Kim Kardashian’s bottom once did, far back in the mists of time.

It seems to have started from a viral marketing campaign related to Jackie Chan, and then gone wild.

It was first sighted on February 24th. Total meltdown of the internet is imminent.


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