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Having been incarnated as sturdy furnishings, compost bins and even a whole net-zero house, flat pack designs are known for being easy to transport, assemble and disassemble.

There’s no shortage of great, eco-friendly flat pack lamps, and now the Swedish company Kovac Family is offering this lighting design that starts out flat and fans out into a lovely, organic form. See how it works:

Kovac Family© Kovac Family

Dubbed 25 Lamp for the number of curved pieces it’s made out of, the ribs of the lamp start off innocuously flat, but open up into this stunning shape that looks like a shell, or some kind of illuminated fruit.

Kovac Family© Kovac Family
Kovac Family© Kovac Family

Made out of FSC-certified oak, ash or birch wood, all proceeds from the lamp will go toward the company’s biomimicry-related project, which aims to “produce light in a wallpaper thin, flexible material using a biomimetic method,” with no electricity involved. According to the project page:

Lighting accounts for 20% of all electricity used in residential and commercial sectors (US EIA 2011). Even a modest decrease would lead to vital reductions in CO2 emissions and costs. We believe It’s time to learn from nature’s well-adapted strategies to create a more sustainable human approach to lighting. [..]

The world’s first (and still best) fiber optics, photonic crystals, and LED Bragg refractors were invented by marine sponges, beetles, and tropical butterflies. The time is ripe to emulate the most promising natural models in a thin-film lighting product that revolutionizes the way we light our dwellings and workspaces.

Kovac Family© Kovac Family

So will our dependence on the old light bulb be eliminated someday? While the 25 Lamp still needs some kind of bulb for illumination, it’s nevertheless one small step toward this inspiring idea that someday our lighting may be made by taking cues from nature itself, without the need for a power source. To find out more or purchase, visit Kovac Family.

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16 October 2015 | 5:53 pm – Source: treehugger.com


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