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In stark contrast to other flat-pack furniture designs, Groovebox is meant to be as simple to put together as possible, with no fasteners, tools, or mammoth assembly instructions needed.

Whether you’re entertaining, relaxing, or working in your outdoor space, these “urban outdoor living” accessories can add a lot to your experience, without a lot of work.

Let’s face it, when it comes to the assembly instructions for products made by the flat-pack elephant in the living room, IKEA, which have been described as “totally indecipherable,” nobody has time for it. Furniture and home accessories should make our lives easier and better, not more confused and stressed out.

Groovebox, which is currently running a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, offers a distinctly simpler line of outdoor furniture, including a fire pit, planters, stools, tables, and even a portable BBQ pit, which slot together without a whole lot of fuss. The steel components are powdercoated in five different color options, and shipped flat-packed, in minimal packaging, to cut down on bulk and waste.

“‚ÄčThe whole point of flat-pack furniture and accessories is to make life simpler … so what went wrong? With all those little parts and tools not to mention the backwards set of instructions you get, it’s a wonder anything ever gets built. So I set out on a mission to create something that just made more sense.” – Eric Green, Groovebox founder

Here’s the Kickstarter pitch video, which highlights the ease of assembly and “multi-use” features of the product:

Unlike many other outdoor accessories made from wood, which can rot, discolor, or fall apart with long exposure to the elements (or which require potentially hazardous treatments for longevity of the materials), these products are said to be “built to last and enjoy for years to come.”

Groovebox firepit© Groovebox
Find out more at Groovebox or Kickstarter.

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