Fly Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon in drone form for £100 (Wired UK)

Thinkway Toys

Some of the most impressive new toys revealed as part of Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens “Force Friday” event are in fact centred on the classic trilogy.

That’s the case with Thinkway Toys‘ upcoming range, which incorporates animatronic robo-toys, remote control vehicles — oh, and a radio controlled Millennium Falcon drone.

The animatronic figures measure between 16-17 inches tall, and feature around 30 points of articulation. The first wave consists of Darth Vader and a classic Stormtrooper representing the classic movie trilogy, while Kylo Ren and C-3PO with his new red arm feature for The Force Awakens. Chewbacca is also available, branded for the new film but with authentic plush fur making him indistinguishable from the original look.

Each features voice samples, and will react to your own speech. Even better, they can react to each other. Vader and Ren also come holding their lightsabers, with a ridiculous range of movement for you to swing them around in action poses. But in real sci-fi toys territory, they can lightsaber battle each other, clashing blades with appropriate sound effects.

The remote controlled vehicle range also spans new and old Star Wars movies. Some are fairly basic grounded spaceships — X-Wings and TIE Fighters you can drive around your living room floor with simplistic back and forth, left and right controls (though there is a rather nicely detailed R2-D2). The most impressive entry though is the AT-AT Walker. The four-legged titan that stomped around Hoth in Empire Strikes Back now exists as a 10.5″ tall free-walking vehicle.

That it stays balanced at all on its spindly legs is stunning, but that’s not all. The advanced gadget can be programmed from the controller, with over 1000 command combos possible. Admittedly, some are fairly basic — move forwards, turn head, and so on — but experimentation could see some fun patterns created.

The cream of the crop though is the aforementioned Millennium Falcon drone. The quadcopter design is incorporated into the Falcon’s body, and while the overall look of Han’s sweet ride is ruined by the necessity of having four gaping holes, the end result is worth it.

Not only does the Falcon fly, it’s designed to do stunts. Just like in the films, it can flip 180 degrees and keep flying, without the cheat of being in zero gravity. It can also do spins and other tricks commonly associated with RC drones. At around 14″ long though, it’s a big toy to keep aloft. Thankfully, it comes with a rechargable battery built in, though we’re not certain how long it will last between charges.

The toy range will be filtering into stores over the next few weeks and months, on the run up to The Force Awakens’ release. The animatronic figures will be priced between £89.99-£99.99 depending on character, while the AT-AT Walker and Millennium Falcon drone will be circa £100.

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