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Living in the city frugally can often mean doing without a car (though car-sharing can certainly fill in the gaps). Biking and walking are great alternatives, but sometimes, frequent activities like getting your groceries can be made all the more easier by something like Peter Opsvik‘s Citrus, an electric, three-wheeled, folding scooter that can transform from vehicle to a handy trolley cart in seconds.

Peter Opsvik© Peter Opsvik

Citrus is an improvement over other concepts we’ve seen previously, as it can fold and make itself much skinner and portable. Designed as a prototype over a decade ago and recently refreshed and given a Green Product Award earlier this year, Citrus is made as a form of intermodal urban transport that can be easily brought into stores, restaurants, offices and onto buses and subways without hassle, in its trolley form. Says Opsvik:

CITRUS offers its user independence in navigating city traffic as a tri-scooter and transforms into a compact trolley cart via a one-grip movement. An electric drive works in combination with kick scooter functionality, offering a handy means of transportation that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Peter Opsvik© Peter Opsvik
Peter Opsvik© Peter Opsvik

The Citrus’ basic concept is adaptability, giving it what Opsvik calls “room-to-room” mobility. Since it can change form, it can be brought with the user wherever he or she goes, reducing the possibility of theft. Not only that, this kind of transport would very likely be widely used by populations like the elderly, who have reduced mobility issues, and would appreciate having an adaptable trolley that doubles as a form of transportation.

Peter Opsvik© Peter Opsvik

Unfortunately, there’s no info on what kind of speeds this thing can roll up to, nor how much cargo it can carry, but the underlying idea of having a form of transport that can also haul things is pretty useful. Opsvik is currently offering licensing on this product, but only time will tell if we’ll see this scooter-cart combo will catch on. More over at Peter Opsvik.

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