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Four audacious animal escapes
What  plans are these cheeky monkeys thinking up? (Picture: Flickr)

Escape Plan, The Rock, Shawshank Redemption…Madagascar Escape 2 Africa.

The real life animal jailbreaks that (might have) inspired these legendary films are so extraordinary (interesting) you could not make it up.

You would be a fool to think animals are not intelligent, put them in cages and enclosures and more often than not they will test weak spots and engineer their freedom.

1. The Rhesus Monkey Riot of 1935

Rhesus monkeys showing humans who’s boss(Picture: Graham Hussey)

You would have thought you would have heard of this crazy retro incident.

An unthinking employee of Frank Buck’s Jungle Camp Animal Park in Long Island, New York, left a plank traversing an enclosure moat that was used to prevent nearly 200 Rhesus monkeys escaping.

Monkey leader, Capone, led all 175 monkeys out of the park into the woods leading to people waking to find escaped primates in their homes and trains being held up by the cheeky monkeys.

Local papers at the time led with headlines such as ‘Capone at large’ mentioning the $50 reward for the capture of any of the monkeys along with free passes to the wildlife park.


2. Penguin lasted over two months on the lamb

A Humboldt penguin takes a bath in the zoological garden in Dresden, eastern Germany, Friday, Aug. 10, 2007. (AP photo/Matthias Rietschel)
Don’t let this cute Humboldt penguin fool you, it will not follow the rules (Picture: AP photo/Matthias Rietschel)

Known simply as Penguin 337, this flightless jailbird lasted 82 days eluding capture, frolicking in the sea and feeding off large amounts of fishes in Tokyo bay not too far from the Tokyo aquarium he escaped from.

This plucky Humboldt penguin had jumped over a rock twice its size to find a gap in the 2m high fence surrounding Toyko sea life park.

Initially, the park staff were worried the penguin would not be capable of surviving outside the the aquarium.

After seeing the videos people had taken of him enjoying the prime fishing areas of Tokyo Bay, they admitted he was more than capable looking after himself.


3. Three Kangaroos escaped from a zoo with the help of a boar and a fox

These Kangaroos knew how to delegate well in order to escape (Picture: Facebook / Featherdale Wildlife Park)

As the animated Madagascar film teaches us that cross species escape teams have both positives and negatives.

Mick, Skippy and Jack the kangaroos were able to use tunnels burrowed under a German zoo’s fences to make a dash for freedom.

Their unwitting assistants had been a boar and a fox who had burrowed into the zoo in the hope of finding food.

Sadly the kangaroos, unlike penguin 337, enjoyed their freedom for 24 hours before being returned to their deer park home which they shared with brown bears, lynxes, wolves and birds of prey.


4. Ken Allen the orangutan expert zoo escapologist

(Picture: Niall McAuley)
This genius escape artist could not be caught(Picture: Niall McAuley)

Many forget how close we are genetically related to other primates such as chimps or orangutans.

There are some people who hold no such illusions an those would be zookeepers at San Diego Zoo who dealt with decades of orangutan, Ken Allen.

Ken became an overnight clebrity after repeatedly escaping from his enclosures which even human escape artists and rock climbers failed to find a way o getting out of.

He also realised when he was being watched by zoo staff trying to learn his secrets and even when they dressed themselves up as visitors he refused to be blown.

The zoo proceeded to spend an estimated $40,000 on preventing his continual escapes especially as he started teaching other orangutans to break out.

The lesson we can learn is that animals are cleverer than we think especially considering the amount of videos on the internet showing people how to use a tin opener correctly.







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