FOX News Anchor Says, “It’s A Good Idea” To Behead Russell Brand

Russell Brand took to his YouTube channel this week to point out the the irrational provocateurs at Fox News. The comedian and activist called out “Justice” Judge Jeanine Pirro specifically for her enthusiasm for bombing other nations. “She’s the savage”, says Brand, after showing a clip of Pirro yelling the phrase “bomb them, bomb them, bomb them” into the camera.  His basic contention is that her bloodlust for the terrorist group ISIS, is no different than the threats made by the terror organization themselves.

The Five, a popular program on Fox News, has now responded to Brand’s critique of their trigger-happy propaganda. Ironically, Fox News labels the comedian a “political provocateur”. “If (Brand) feels that ISIS is harmless”, said co-host Greg Gutfeld. The anchor continued by saying, “He should go there and hang out with them. They (ISIS) would behead him faster than you can say Arthur.” “That’s a good idea. I’d vote for that.” uttered Eric Bolling, another co-host of The Five.

Brand at no point defended ISIS during his commentary against Fox News. The anchors of The Five clearly state that he does. Who is actually the political provocateur here?  Fox News has definitely gone out of there way in this clip to prove Russell’s assertions correct.

Brand has acknowledged the segment through his twitter account with his usual tongue and cheek bravado saying: “Me, on Fox News today, even though I’m neither new nor a fox.”

This is a perfect example of the mainstream media accusing others of being the aggressors of what’s in reality their own shortcoming. See both videos below:

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