France, UK, and USA Respond to Beheadings With Air Strikes

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On Sunday, September 21st,  French national Herve Gourde was reportedly kidnapped by Islamic State allies in Algeria while on a hike.

Within 24 hours his capture was  publicly announced by Algerian Islamic militants. The kidnappers proceeded to present the French government with an ultimatum stating that Gourdel would be executed if airstrikes on IS continued. President Francois Hollande was given a 24 hour window to adhere to their demands. The French did not comply stating a refusal to negotiate with terrorists. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls addressed his country on national radio stating “…we will never give in to blackmail. Even if we are of course very worried after the authentication of this video.”

In response to this, France promptly sent fighter jets to strike IS targets in Iraq while US  began airstrikes on IS targets in Syria.

As if beheadings and airstrikes weren’t enough, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Wednesday that Britain would be joining France and the US in the airstrike campaign. Cameron addressed the UN General Assembly stating “It is right that Britain should now move to a new phase of action… I am therefore recalling the British Parliament on Friday to secure approval for the United Kingdom to take part in international air strikes against ISIL in Iraq.”

Britain is only the latest to join the growing list of US allies. The US has currently instated almost 50 data sharing agreements with foreign governments including Japan, the Republic of Korea, Italy, Canada, France, and Canada.

Unsurprisingly, that’s not all the US has shared. Late last year, it was reported that the US had made arms deals with “moderate” Syrian Rebels allegedly to gain an advantage in the Syrian civil war against Bashar al-Assad. However many have concurred that there is no room for the term “moderate” while on the subject of extremism. In a twist of fate or perhaps by design, many of those rebels became the very enemy the US and its allies fight today. This isn’t the first time that we’ve armed our enemies. In fact, a closer look at the US’s long lasting relationship with Al Qaeda tells that story very clearly. If none of this bothers you, can you guess what President Obama is in the process of doing?

Arming… Syrian… Rebels.

From the outside looking in, this looks a lot like what World War III would be like. And unfortunately, this only seems to be the beginning. Stay true and stay safe. Blessings to you all.

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