Friends find £1million Bluefin tuna fish in in Kingsand, Cornwall but they won’t be allowed to sell it

Group of friends find £1million tuna fish
(L-R) Hannah Ford, 24, Sarah Little, 22, Shauna Creamer, 23, Charlotte Chambers, 24 Laura Pickervance, 23, who found the Bluefin tuna (Picture: SWNS)

Five friends have stumbled across a massive tuna fish worth around a million pounds but unfortunately for them, they won’t be allowed to sell it.

The group, which includes Sarah Little, 22, Laura Pickervance, 23, Hannah Ford, 24, Shauna Creamer, 23 and Charlotte Chambers, 24, were taking a weekend break in Kingsand, Cornwall when they made the discovery.

The Bluefin tuna was valued so highly by experts partly due to it measuring in at an enormous 2.17m (7ft 1 ins) and weighing 300lb.

Bluefin Tuna, Cornwall
The fish is reportedly worth around £1 million (Picture: SWNS)

‘We dragged it to shore and by this time a large crowd had gathered on the beach and saw what we had,’ said Ms Little, who works in PR.

‘We tried to flip it over but it was too heavy so four men had a go – and they couldn’t lift it either. There was lots of faffing about.’

Bluefin Tuna, Cornwall
The fish has since been taken away by officials from the Marine Management Organisation (Picture: SWNS)

The group of friends were probably disappointed when they found out how much money they could have made if it wasn’t illegal to catch or sell the fish in the UK.

The dead tuna was subsequently taken away by officials from the Marine Management Organisation and was due to be studied by scientists at the University of Exeter.

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