GameChanger looks set to umm… Change tabletop Games. : Tech Digest

Dungeons & Dragons could be able to get a lot more interesting as a new device, known as GameChanger, looks set to revolutionise the tabletops on which you play.


Essentially a large monitor that you can lay flat on the table, it is coated in toughened glass that is both scratch and water proof. And there’s a 10mm acrylic case and stand to protect the back – because we know how rough D&D can get.


What’s cool is that it is essentially a ruggedised monitor, meaning that it can be hooked up to a wide range of inputs – from computers, to phones to consoles… whatever you can plug a HDMI cable into basically. This not only makes it easy to load up maps, but also means you can actually use it as a monitor when it isn’t being used to game.


Due to appear on Kickstarter at the end of the month, the device will can also come with an optional touch frame – which could conceivably mean all new style of gameplay could be created.


At the moment the GameChanger is only in the prototype phase, but it’ll apparently come in three different sizes (or character classes, if you like): 32″, 42″ and dual-monitor 36″x36″ – all screens are widescreen and can display full HD. Apparently there will be configurations for less than $700 too. So that’s only the same price as approximately three Warhammer figurines.

This is one to watch.

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