German Cops Shoot Two Playing Dogs Dead In The Street *Graphic*

Live Free Live Natural | September 23, 2014

A video that was posted to today shows a German police officer shooting two dogs multiple times and killing them both.

The original poster of the video says that both dogs were pit bulls who belonged to a local shop owner.

The owner, whose CCTV wasn’t working, left the one year old dogs overnight to guard the shop from prowlers.

It just so happens that early the next morning a burglar did attempt to break and enter into the store. Once the thief noticed the two canines, he fled the store. In the criminal’s haste to flee, they left the backdoor open and the dogs wondered out on to the sidewalk.

Once the animals were noticed by local passer’s by, local citizens called the police to report the dogs wondering in front of the shop with no supervision.

The cell phone video captured the moments directly before and after the officer fired shots into the beast.

Both watch dogs appear to be playing by a tree before they were met with those fatal bullets.

You can watch the video by scrolling below:

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