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I have been writing over on MNN about technology, the smart house, wearables and boomer stuff. Here are some recent posts that might interest TreeHuggers:

When do you get to say ‘I’m too old for this’?

When the New York Times ran a story titled I’m too old for this, I had to look. It was written by Dominique Browning, a prominent green blogger, who noted that “there is also something profoundly liberating about aging: an attitude, one that comes hard won. Only when you hit 60 can you begin to say, with great aplomb: ‘I’m too old for this.”

I’m not so sure. More on MNN.

Goodbye, classroom: The next big thing is ‘competency-based education’

my classLloyd Alter/ My class at Ryerson/CC BY 2.0

Every January, I look out at the sea of eager young faces taking sustainable design at Ryerson University School of Interior Design, and I wonder why any of us are there. Because it all seems so archaic and silly. More at MNN.

Does canning or freezing have a smaller footprint?

Kelly CanningLloyd Alter/ Kelly Rossiter’s canning/CC BY 2.0

Recently Tom Oder of MNN addressed the question Is freezing or canning better? He concludes that “it depends” — on variables like preference, time and the type of food. But there are other variables that perhaps are worth mentioning too. I tried to do the math on the carbon footprints of each. More in MNN

Carry your personal transporter in your backpack

walk car© WalkCar
Forget the Segway and go ahead and sell your electric bike. Designer Kuniako Saito of Cocoa Motors has come up with what looks like a notebook computer on wheels, which can replace them both. I want one. More on MNN.

Would you get yourself chipped?

chip© Dangerous Things

Dogs have them. Cats have them. And plenty of other pets have NFC (near-field communications) chips implanted so that they can be identified. So why don’t humans? I thought it was an interesting idea (Never lose your keys again!) – until I saw photos of it being done and almost got sick. More on MNN.

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