Ghost of nagging wife pesters husband from beyond the grave

Ghost of nagging wife pesters husband from beyond the grave
Ted Wiseman, 79, says Yvonne has returned from beyond the grave to ensure everything is spick and span (Picture: Caters)

A nagging wife has returned from the grave to ensure her husband uses fabric conditioner and reprimand him for wearing her slippers.

She recently hissed, ‘Stop sniffing!’ at husband Ted Wiseman as he lay in bed.

Fond husband Ted, 79 said, ‘She always used to complain about my habits in bed.

‘Some people might be upset about being nagged by their wife, but it’s quite comforting to me.’

Ted, a former lollipop man, from Halesowen, West Mids, said: ‘Yvonne was the gaffer so I’m not surprised she’s still bossing me around now.

‘Last month I left a tea towel on the side, and when I turned around it had been put back in its rightful place.

Ted contacted a medium after the nagging spectre moved plates around in an Indian restaurant.

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During her visit, he received a very stern telling off from his late wife through the clairvoyant demanding he take her slippers off.

Since then, Ted claims Yvonne has moved a dirty soap dispenser off the kitchen worktop and even helped with the laundry.

Ted said: ‘I had just put a load in the washing machine and had put some condition on the top.

‘When I turned around to grab the powder and start the wash, the conditioner had gone.

‘I checked the drawer and it was already in there.’

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