Girl is impaled on three metal rods…and survives

Girl is impaled on three metal rods...and survives
This injury is painful just to look at (Picture: Ruban Patilputra Hospital, Patna)

One 17-year-old girl fell off a construction site and became impaled on three steel rods used to reinforce concrete.

The teenager was on the roof of the building when she fell.

The Indian girl underwent a ten hour ordeal before they were able to cut the metal rods without jarring the metal going through.

Miraculously the rods missed every major organ when they passed through her.

After being rushed by ambulance to Ruban Palitputra Hospital in Patna in North East Indian, she underwent another 5 hours of surgery before the metal could be fully removed.

Her doctors have declared the surgery a success and they informed the press she is now recuperating.

Close shave does not quite describe how near this teenager brushed with death.

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