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The Fifth Assessment Report by the IPCC (AR5) is the most comprehensive report on climate change ever produced, but it’s hard to read for the average person and it’s quite long — if you were to print it out, it would stack almost 2 feet tall. That’s why it’s important to find ways to communicate what’s in it so that more people understand what the stakes are. After all, we’re all on the same boat, we’ve only got one planet, so the more people we can get to understand what the problems and solutions are, the more progress we’ll make. This is what the Global Weirding Guide attempts to do; take a lot of data and make a simple visualization that gives you a better idea of what it all means.

You can see it be yourself here: Global Weirding.

By clicking the “change” button in the lower corner on the right, you can run different scenarios that take into account some actions that we could take now, or just let it run as “business as usual” to see how bad things could get.

I don’t think it’s a perfect way to show the information, but it’s one way among many to catch some people’s attention. Just the name is quite good, because it highlights that global warming isn’t just about warming; there are all kinds of consequences that we’re just starting to figure out (more lightning might be one of them…).

GW/Screen capture

If you want to know more about how the presentation was put together, what are the sources of info, how they were treated, etc, there’s a ton of info on this page:

In Guide to Global Weirding we have used daily data from climate simulations. We have trawled a thousand pages looking for regional impacts. We have processed a 160.000 line spreadsheet with data from economic models reacting to future political plans to limit greenhouse gas emissions. All this has been compressed to a short presentation that we hope anyone can understand and take in.

We try to show what our future might look like if we take the IPCC AR5 Report and its conclusions seriously. And what it will take to get to a future in which we avoid dangerous climate change.

GW/Screen capture

Via Global Weirding

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