Goldman Sachs asked Google to help clean up its email error

Goldman Sachs wants an email removed from a Gmail account

Goldman Sachs has reached out to Google for assistance after one of its staffers sent confidential information to a Gmail account by mistake.

The email was supposed to be sent internally and to a address. An error was made however and the message and contents went to a account. Goldman Sachs has made a legal attempt to get the content deleted.

In a statement it told V3 that no personal detail has been breached, but confirmed the error was made, and its attempts to have it deleted.

It said it has spoken to Google and that Google has told it that the email account is dormant and the email itself unread. Goldman Sachs is now petitioning for its whole and permanent removal.

“We sought a court order to block access to an email that was erroneously sent to a Gmail account. The order was granted and Google complied,” Goldman Sachs said in a statement.

“Google has also told us the email account in question had not been accessed from the time that the email was sent and Google blocked it. We are now seeking to have it permanently deleted. No client information has been breached.”

Google has not yet responded to our request for comment or confirmation. It is currently familiarising itself with requests to remove content from the internet, and has started complying with the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ requests that an European Court of Justice mandated.

However, this is causing some consternation as articles from major news outlets are starting to be affected, with many suggesting the EU has effectively created a censorship regime.

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