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Working 9 to 5 (Photo – Reuters)

Prince William is spending two years with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, and putting his royal duties on the backburner, while not giving them up altogether.

Of course, it’s not that great an achievement to have a job – most people do it without any fanfare. But no previous heirs to the throne have had a normal job in this way. Prince Andrew did – serving heroically in the Falklands. The brother in the hot seat, Prince Charles, has done all sorts of admirable things but he has never done a job which hasn’t depended on his royal status.

In Prince William’s position, it would be hard not to be beguiled – or driven mad – by a huge fortune, permanent sycophancy on all sides and the dull but easy round of royal duties. How strange it must be, waiting for a job that depends on your immediate family dying.

Good for him for choosing the more difficult path – and, ultimately, the more rewarding, interesting and admirable one.

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