Google Contributor lets you pay to remove ads from websites

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Google has unveiled a new experiment that would allow users to opt out of viewing ads on participating websites.

Called Contributor, the service, which essentially allows users to hide Google ads on sites for a subscription fee of between $1 and $3, will mean participating sites collect part of the contributions, and will likely earn Google a cut of the action, too.

“Today’s Internet is mostly funded by advertising. But what if there were a way to directly support the people who create the sites you visit each day?,” Google questioned on the Contributor website. The firm added that users will be able to choose their own monthly contribution and the more they contribute, the more they will be supporting the websites they visit.

“A pixel pattern appears where you would normally see an ad, Google explained. “Alternately, you might see a thank you message.

“The Contributor program helps Internet users enjoy a clean, pleasing, and distraction-free Web-browsing experience.”

Sites that are launching with the service include Urban Dictionary, Mashable, the Onion, WikiHow, Imgur and Science Daily. Those interested in trying out Contributor can sign up to join the waiting list now. 

Details on whether Google will earn a cut of the monthly subscription revenue from participating sites aren’t exactly clear, as the company doesn’t mention that on its newly launched Contributor website. The company wasn’t immediately available for comment. 

If Contributor kicks off, it could drastically change the face of the web and how the internet funds itself, though it’s perhaps not the best news for advertising companies. 

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