Google guzzles up social and video mobile startups

Google snaps up mobile app startups

Google has bought mobile video business tool Directr and iOS instant messaging app Emu, snapping up the startups for undisclosed amounts.

Directr gives iOS users the ability to shoot, edit and upload promotional videos for their businesses.

It was revealed by Directr that its small team will join YouTube’s video advertising team. While Directr currently charges for its app, it will become free to use when it joins YouTube.

In a blog post announcing the deal, the Directr team thanked their supporters and expressed their eagerness to join Google: “We are incredibly excited to take the next step on that journey and announce that we are joining the video ads team at YouTube.”

Other than declaring the move to integrate with YouTube, no further details of the deal were disclosed by either Directr or Google following a request for comment from V3. The purchase will likely help boost Google’s video-advertising reach in the small business sector.

Google also acquired Emu, a messaging app combined with a virtual assistant similar to Apple’s Siri.

On its website Emu announced that as of 25 August it will be shutting down its app, which involves removing it from the iOS App Store and stopping the exchange of messages between users.

Thanking users for the support it received, Emu apologised and expressed regret for the inconvenience that shutting down the app will cause.

Google’s purchase of Emu might surprise some as it already offers similar features, with its Hangouts and Google Now services built into Android mobile devices.

Both Emu and Google remained vague about how they will work together. V3 asked both for more information but they declined to comment.

However, Google may use the technology behind Emu to integrate its current messaging and organisation services into one feature-heavy hub.

It could also use the buy to boost its messaging services in order to remain competitive against Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp, which Facebook acquired for $19bn earlier this year.

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