Google Maps to get an “Explore” button

Google Maps is great for getting you from A to B, but what if you’re looking for C, D and E? The company is adding a new “explore” button to the app which should help journeys get a little bit more serendipitous.


Now when you’re browsing a map, all you’ll have to do is hit the explore button in the bottom right, and the app will apparently intelligently recommend things to do nearby, be it parks, or places for breakfast and so on.

Cleverly, the app will also take context into account: so if it is raining, it won’t recommend that you visit a park – and if its lunchtime, perhaps it will recommend somewhere for lunch. Helpfully too, you can also tell the app how far you consider “nearby” to be, so you don’t end up driving for an hour just for a five minute stop. The app will also learn what you like based on the places you visit – and should get more intelligent over time.

The app will be rolling out soon iOS and Android – here’s hoping it’ll make it to desktop too.

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