Google releases Chrome 45 update with battery life boost

Chrome 45 is released with promised battery life improvements

Google has issued the latest update to the Chrome browser, promising major performance improvements to reduce power use and thereby increase device battery life.

Google product manager Ryan Schoen explained in a blog post that the company has focused the Chrome 45 update on performance, as many websites are becoming increasingly resource heavy on machine’s processors.

“As the web evolves and sites take advantage of increasing capabilities, Chrome’s performance – how fast pages load, how smooth scrolling is, how much memory is consumed, and how long your battery lasts – becomes even more important,” he said.

“So in the latest release of Chrome we’ve included a ton of improvements to make your browsing use less memory and power.”

One change focuses on the way Chrome remembers tabs used during previous browsing sessions. This focuses on the most, and least, recently used, and reloads only the most recently used one if it detects that a machine is low on power or memory resources.

Google has also updated Chrome to detect when a webpage isn’t busy and use this time to reduce the memory it uses. Google said that this technique has reduced memory use by up to 10 percent on average, and 25 percent on its own Gmail service.

Another notable update will see Chrome reduce the use of Flash so that it auto-pauses the software on websites where it is not central to its operation. Schoen claimed that this delivers notable improvements.

“Our testing has shown that turning on this setting makes your battery last up to 15 percent longer depending on your operating system, so over the next few weeks we’ll begin turning on this feature by default for all users,” he said.

The move to limit the use of Flash was first announced in the summer as a beta rollout, while the move to reduce the use of Flash is something most browsers are embracing owing to the software’s security failings.

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