Google starts offering third-party Cardboard VR headset certification

Google Carboard now has more third-party legitimacy with certification

Google is offering manufacturers the chance to get their Cardboard devices certified for use with the firm’s applications and tools.

Cardboard is Google’s take on the virtual reality headset. Like Oculus and Rift, in which Facebook invested heavily, Cardboard offers the chance to become immersed in a virtual world.

Unlike Oculus, however, it is made of cardboard and costs around £10. Google calls it an “immersive experience for everyone”.

The system launched last year, and has had some success. Google said that over 500,000 have been shipped, and that it already has a developer community and a wide selection of ready hardware.

Google is now making it possible for any Cardboard viewer to work with existing and incoming applications, according to a blog post from the firm.

Google has updated the software developer kits to simplify the experience and is offering a consumer recognised badge of interoperability called Works with Google Cardboard.

“We want to make virtual reality better together, and the community continues to inspire us,” said Andrew Nartker, product manager for Google Cardboard.

“To keep this creativity going, however, we also need to invest in compatibility. That’s why we’re announcing a new programme called Works with Google Cardboard.

“At its core, the programme enables any Cardboard viewer to work with any Cardboard app. And the result is more awesome virtual reality for all of us.”

Manufacturers can use a configuration tool to ensure that their device fits all the Cardboard parameters, while developers should benefit from new guidelines that look to iron out common problems.

“Whether you’re building your first virtual reality app, or you’ve done it 10 times before, creating an immersive experience comes with a unique set of design questions,” added Nartker.

“We’ve explored these questions (and many more) since launch, and today we’re sharing our initial learnings with the developer community. Ultimately, today’s updates are about making virtual reality better together.”

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