Google updates Hangouts for HD video meetings

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Google has unveiled enhancements for its Google+ service and Hangouts tool for businesses users, to allow for more security and enhanced collaboration capabilities.

Google explained in a blog post, written by product manager Michael Cai, that it has turned on two key features that previously were only available as ‘premium features’ to select customers.

“Today we’re rolling out these premium features to everybody. It won’t change the way you’ve previously interacted with Google+ or Hangouts, but it will let you access several great business-specific features you may have missed out on before now,” wrote Cai.

Cai explained the new features included the ability to create a more tailored experience for Google+ by restricting posts to domains, to stop them being seen outside the organisation. Google has also added the ability to hide employees’ profiles from external searches.

Secondly, the Hangouts video chat service can now be used by up to 15 people for HD video calls. “So the next time you need to quickly chat with a colleague or hash out a decision, you can just jump into a Hangout with one click from Calendar or an email invitation,” wrote Cai.

Google said all new Google Apps customers will see these updates when they register, while existing customers will receive the updates within the next month.

The moves underline Google’s efforts to continue enhancing its offerings for enterprises. Last week it unveiled a new tool for firms to help manage key search data called Google My Business. This allows companies to keep key information up to date on Google platforms including Search, Map and Google+.

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