Google updates mobile management app for Android with remote wipe

Google Apps users offered more device management features

Google has made four security enhancements to its Apps Mobile Management tools in a move designed to boost the enterprise credentials of Android devices.

The firm said the mobile enhancements would make workers using Android tablets or smartphones more productive by enabling them to work on even the most sensitive business data in a secure way.

“With thousands of mobile applications to choose from and an increasing number of websites optimised for mobile, today’s employees can work whenever and wherever they choose,” said Clayton Jones, product manager, Google Enterprise.

“It also means IT organisations now have the dual challenge of both helping employees be more productive and protecting corporate data. We’re adding new features to help your organisation meet these challenges head on.”

Google said the updates, which are available now in the Google Admin console, would make administration of devices and access rights much easier. For example, administrators can now set up a policy to wipe inactive accounts after a set period without a login, which Google said would stop lost devices from becoming a security risk.

New detection tools, meanwhile, look out for tell-tale signs of a compromised device, and support for EAP-based (Extensible Authentication Protocol) WiFi networks has also been added.

Google said the refreshed Apps Mobile Management tools also enable firms to follow device types much more accurately and plot things like their IMEI, serial number, MAC address and baseband version.

In another move this week that should help Google boost Android’s enterprise appeal, the internet giant bought OS management software firm Divide.

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