Google’s week: Android access, search bug, and Star Wars secret

Google had a reasonably quiet week, although it was not without controversy. A bug in the firm’s search algorithm meant that local search results favoured Google’s services over those of third parties, and it was discovered that Google can allegedly access Android phones remotely.

In more positive news for the company, Google hid a Star Wars-themed Easter egg in its search engine and revealed that it handles around 65 million copyright takedowns a month.

Google claims a bug sees local search results ignore TripAdvisor and Yelp

Google campus

Google had to defend claims that its search algorithm was prioritising its own local search results over those of rival services such as TripAdvisor.

The company claimed that it was down to a bug in its code. “The issues cited were caused by a recent code push, which we’re working quickly to fix,” said a Google spokeswoman.

Google is processing 65 million takedown requests a month

Web blocking. Content owners want to stop copyright infringement

Google revealed its latest copyright takedown figures, showing that the firm deals with around 65 million requests every month.

The figures indicated that Google is busy carrying out masses of takedowns while ensuring that each case is dealt with fairly, even though it still gets accused of propagating piracy.

Google can remotely unlock three-quarters of Android devices


Google is apparently able to unlock 74 percent of Android devices even if they are password protected.

A report on The INQUIRER said that Google’s ability to do this was revealed in a secret document, which has so far not been confirmed by the company.

Google hides Star Wars Easter egg in its search engine

Star Wars AT AT

The Independent reported that Google has hidden a Star Wars-themed Easter egg in its search engine, which was revealed when entering the phrase: ‘a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away’.

The search triggers the browser to display rolling yellow-on-black text on a deep space background reminiscent of the opening to every Star Wars film.

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